Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing Explained:

Going viral is the dream for literally every internet marketer or anyone who wants the world to see what they have to say. These days many people are considered going viral if all of a sudden their youtube video or Facebook page gets thousands of visits very quickly. Many people will buy youtube views to get this effect as well.

What does it mean to really go viral? Most people go viral through a high traffic platform or website where there is access to millions of people. Some popular sites are Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. An example of a video that went viral is – Gangnam Style. This video currently has over 1.1 billion visitors. There is only a little over 7 billion people on planet earth! So that means that one out of every seven people on earth has seen that video. That is truly amazing!

The question is why? Why are so many people drawn to this video? Was it because that it was funny or just good music? Who knows why it went viral. Something gave it that boost, and then it spread like wildfire. The most amazing thing is that this video is not even in English!

Now that is exactly what everyone is trying to figure out. How can they make their website or video go viral to get tons of visits and make lots of money. I think the first step is to make a video or whatever your sharing that everyone or the majority of people will like. A good example is many people do very well with funny videos on Youtube. People share them because they are funny. The same thing goes for something that is shocking. You have to give them something that they will say “I have to send this to everyone I know!”.

So now we need to figure out what is the recipe to make you go viral? Here is some criteria I think that most people will agree on.

  • Your video has to be appealing to everyone (Not Just one group of people).
  • It has to be worth sharing with your friends and family.
  • You have to use a platform or site with millions of people! (Youtube / Facebook).
  • You have to get an initial boost to get noticed (buy youtube views or share messages with friends).
  • Then hopefully your content is good and they decide to also share with everyone they know.

That was a basic recipe but it really does describe what it takes to go viral. Now that we have a idea of what it takes to go viral you can start to make your videos or Facebook posts more appealing to a broader audience. This in turn will also increase the probability of your video or site to go viral.