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Why should you buy Quora Downvotes?

Quora is an internet marketers secret weapon! According to Quora they are getting over 200 million monthly visitors! That is truly amazing that you can just respond to questions (that rank in Google and get tons of traffic) and if your answer is chosen to be the #1 answer then you will get lots of traffic which is sent directly to your website. You should buy Quora downvotes today and let us boost your answer to the top.

Quora is a system that is regulated with upvotes and downvotes which control which answers go to the top and which ones that fall to the bottom and can disappear. If someone likes an answer it can be upvoted and that will cause it to go up. Also if the people that are above your answer are downvoted then your answer will likely move to the top. This method of downvoting is undetectable to your competition but it is very powerful to say the least. If you look at the video above you will that I take the #1 spot in about 30 minutes for an answer that I just posted.

So that is how it works. You answer a question on Quora and see how well you naturally rank in the results. You may be in the top three or four. Then just take all of the URL’s for each answer that is above you and put them on a pastebin URL. Then just submit that URL to us when you order. The down votes will be divided by among the amount that was ordered. So if you order 500 downvotes and you have ten URL’s to downvote each would get 50 downvotes. Usually that will do the trick but if you are in a more competitive question then you may need to buy Quora upvotes to give you even more of a boost.

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If you have any questions you can click here to email me or you can call me at 1-800-661-3797. We are standing by to help you with anything that you need. There are millions of people searching Quora everyday make sure they are looking at your answers.