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Buy Youtube Comments For Your Videos

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When you think about all of the different metrics for Youtube videos such as views, likes, subscribers, and comments the most important factor of interaction by far is comments. If you have a video that has thousands of views and no comments it will instantly be looked at as fake views. Youtube viewers are very savvy and they know videos that have many views and likes and no comments are fake. Read More

How To Start a Rap Career With No Money

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start-a-rap-career-with-no-moneyHow can you start your rap career with no money? This is very hard to be honest. Literally thousands of people every year try to get into the rap game. It is very competitive to say the least. I compare it to people trying to make in to the NFL or MLB. There are only a few spots but the whole world tries to take them it will be very competitive. There are many factors which include skill and lots of luck to be honest. Read More