How To Start a Rap Career With No Money

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How To Start a Rap Career With No Money

By November 23, 2016Uncategorized

start-a-rap-career-with-no-moneyHow can you start your rap career with no money? This is very hard to be honest. Literally thousands of people every year try to get into the rap game. It is very competitive to say the least. I compare it to people trying to make in to the NFL or MLB. There are only a few spots but the whole world tries to take them it will be very competitive. There are many factors which include skill and lots of luck to be honest.

What can you realistically do?

You have one awesome advantage that many rappers didn’t have before you! It’s called There are countless rappers and other entertainers that get found on Youtube everyday. Also Youtube is 100% free. You just make your videos and beats and upload them 100% free. Now you will have to give your videos a boost to compete with many other artists that have hundreds of thousands of views.

My service here at specializes in helping rappers and other musicians get more views for their Youtube videos. This will in turn give you a better ranking in Youtube and you will get more and more views. You can click here to see my packages.

The real answer on how to really start and jump start your rap career is to get out there and make as many videos as you can. That’s how the world will find you and your music. Let us be the ones to help you get more exposure for your videos.

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